Castello Aragonese

Towers and castles | Castiglione della Pescaia
The castle is situated on top of the hill which faces directly onto the sea, in the highest section of the historical medieval centre. Composed by three towers, one of which, Torre Pisa to the east, is the oldest and most significant part of the structure. The three towers are designed to form a triangle with a large interior courtyard at the centre.

The building currently belongs to private owners, making it difficult to visit. However, it is still worth reaching because it offers a magnificent view over the panorama below. The castle, with its powerful and characteristic structure, is the starting point for a visit to the alleyways of the ancient village to admire not only its views, but also the historical buildings such as: Porta Ubrica, Church of Our Lady of the Lily, the Clock Tower and Palazzo Centurioni.
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